Garnishment Attorney in Houston TX

In Texas, there are guidelines on when creditors can garnish wages.  A few examples are child support, IRS tax and student loan debt.

With that being said, there appears to be a loophole in the law whereby judgment creditors may be able to garnish wages through the employer.  This comes into play when a person is employed for an out-of-state company and that state allows wage garnishment.  For example, if a person lives in Texas and works for an Arkansas or Illinois based company, wages may be subject to garnishment because Arkansas and Illinois allow wage garnishment by judgment creditors.  Therefore, wages could be subject to garnishment notwithstanding that a person resides and works in Texas.

Another way judgment creditors sidestep the wage garnishment law is by going to an individual’s bank account.  Once wages are deposited into a bank account, the funds are no longer classified as wages.  Therefore, a creditor who has taken a judgment can garnish any bank account bearing the debtor’s/borrower’s name.

Bankruptcy can eliminate many types of garnishments.

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